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Controlled Trading- Profitably and Consistently. Trading Strategy Essentials......
This  is not Financial Advice but Simply Every Math Explained to Trade Safely - Sucessfully - Consistently

Risk Disclosure

Legal Risk Disclosure Notification.

Not Financial ADVICE.  Just Maths

Market Volatility

Time Frames, Average True Range and Consolidation. The Numbers

Has this happened 

Common Current Negative Trading Activity and how it can all stop now

Hourly Scalping

All the Indicators we use and the Math you need to know. 


Entry Math Rules

Formulas Sheet

Useful Current Math to enable understanding.

Master Formula

What  Maths Makes Safe Trading Possible

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of our System

Profits Explained

What Profits will be earned and where in the system.

Indicators Explained

Strategies and  Math settings that shine a new light

Our Mission

Why Sell such Valuable information and not keep it safe.

Trading Rules

Step By Step 123 of DIAMOND  Maths

Tell It Like It Is

What Goes on in your Trading and Math Formula to Explain

The Future

What we can do for you. Maths, Your new friend

 Diamonds Thrive

A free choice to Give something Back.  

Master Direction

Master Direction of current price activity. The Law of Averages


Targets or Exit procedure

Safety Zone

Size of Safety Zone and Why

Cost Growth Tables

Growth Times Tables


How Spreads change and how they work in the Formula

Fees they Charge

Fees Charged by Market Makers

Which Platforms

Units and Times Tables are your Friend

Free  Updates

Free Updates will constantly be added. keep returning for free.

Trade Management

Contolling your funds. Never have a Margin Call or Loss Again. Math Safety

Your Current Results

Why you are here now. and what to expect. Reasons your here.

Who We Are

Experience and  Trust. How the Math is Math and not Advice

75% - 80% To Start

Showing you 80% Accuracy, Mean, Median, Mode


The Current Directional Trend.

Reactive Averages

Scalping Part Two

Your Current Strategy used with our Mathematical Sums


The Hedging System of Drawdown Explained

Multiplier Costings

Where you could be in the Future

Percentages at work

Back Testing

Proof  Maths is all you need to know


The Choice of Automation

Screen Setup

Math at work. 

Manual Calculation

The Math


Congratulations. Your Future is here

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